The strength of V&A in environmental sector is to develop a sound technology into an industrial practice and healthy business in China. To enable this, V&A has nearly 50 technical staff well trained for high level customized solutions, 2000m2 of lab and piloting facility, operating 6 hazardous waste treatment centers. These allows us to develop effectively a large variety of waste stream treatment solutions. We also have developed a practical process of business incubation with an integrated approach of demo/pilot, team building, full engineering and operational package, market development, IP protection, as well as investment.


V&A is a leading international environmental technology cooperation hub in China, and we collaborate with dozens international technical companies and institutions, as well as leading experimental companies, institutes and business clusters in China. For example, one of our offices is located in Yixing where hosts 1500 waste water treatment companies, the largest cluster in China, touching almost every niche market segment. The interaction and dynamics that we have with the local ecosystems are enormous, so that we know exactly what are the real challenges and where are the solid market opportunities, and on top of these we can make things happen.

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