Welcome to Vision and Action

Vision and Action is committed on sustainable development of society by promoting innovations.

Technical business development

Our business is about bridging Europe and China on technical business development. We are active in the fields of Environmental Protection, Renewable Energy and Precision Technology.

In Environmental Protection, waste water treatment is our focus. We are supporting a cluster of European waste water treatment companies to develop their business in China. And in close cooperation with China Yixing Environmental Protection Industrial Park, where more than 1000 waste water treatment companies are located, we co-found Yixing International Environmental Technology Incubation Center.

In Renewable Energy, Solar is our focus. We are active in CIGS, CdTe, Back contact Ci-Si, PV module with special features, and PV manufacturing equipments. We have rich collaboration with both EU and China PV industries. Bio-energy from organic solid waste and from organic waste water is our new area, developed from our environmental protection projects.

In Precision technology, contract R&D in Mechatronic Precision Instruments and Equipments is our focus. We are located in Eindhoven, the heart of Brainport region, one of the leading technological development zones in the world, where a large cluster of top OEM supply chain companies are gathered. In cooperation with brainport supply chain companies, we address precision technical issues of Chinese companies.

Social programs

Our social programs are focusing on bridging Chinese and European universities and institutes on Education and non-profit R&D activities.

Our value

We are a group of multinational professionals in technology development and product marketing. In our VISION, sustainable development of society can be prosperous only through integration of Social, Environmental and Economic benefits all together.  We conduct concrete ACTION on our vision by promoting innovations through technology co-development activities and social programs.


We are looking forward to working with you!


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